Financial accounting services

By cooperating with us, you will be able to take a breath, because competent accounting specialists of JSC Docinta are working with you.

Managing financial records

Responsibly and diligently, we manage the financial accounting of closed joint-stock companies (JSC), small partnerships (SP), individual enterprises (IE) and farmers from primary documents to the submission of financial statements and reports to the relevant authorities in accordance with all relevant legal acts and laws. Management of farm finances: planning, organizing and controlling the acquisition and use of money with neglected accounting in order to increase the value of the property of the owners and, at the same time, the farm. Accounting of fixed assets, salary calculation, inventory accounting and reporting to the STI, Sodra and the Department of Statistics are kept. Additional services are provided according to the customer’s relevant needs, we will coordinate everything. In case of additional questions, it is always possible to apply, consult without any additional fees, everything is included in the price, which we discuss individually according to the interests of the client’s company.

Distance learning

Distance learning is designed for beginners who want to acquire the missing knowledge, office administrators, accountants and other employees of the company. In the training that we offer, you can choose between the accounting and administrative sides. In the training, related to accounting, you will find general or specific financial accounting maintaining aspects. In administrative training, you will gain knowledge about the preparation, processing of documents and other elements related to the work of the administration.

Currently, we offer 15 distance learning programs and educational materials about business trips. Each program has its own deadline for completion, which depends on the volume and complexity of training.

The training focuses on independent learning, as it is carried out through system in which educational materials and tasks are placed. Since the training is individual, you can connect to the system and learn at the time convenient for you. After completing the tasks, they need to be uploaded back into the system for evaluation. If the task is done incorrectly, you will receive a comment with notes on what should be corrected. After the lecturer confirms that all the tasks have been completed successfully, the pupil is issued an electronic certificate of completion of the training.

Individual consultations

We greatly appreciate the possibility of cooperation with everyone who applies. We want the chosen business model not to ruin the business before it even takes root, we aim to create a beautiful partnership and maintain a profit-making company. We responsibly advise and recommend how to save and correctly calculate taxes. We help you puzzle out the confusing mazes of taxes.

We have accumulated a lot of experience in keeping records of farmers, so we will boldly recommend how to calculate the cost of output produced by farming.

Elements of business planning and evaluation, assumptions and possible errors. We provide consultations on income planning and cost distribution issues.

We provide consultations on all issues related to:

  • organization of financial accounting;
  • preparation of personnel documents;
  • calculation of wages;
  • tax calculation by the STI and the SSIFB as well as the declaration;
    preparation of financial statements (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, Cash Flow Statement, Explanatory Note, etc.);
  • we help to fill in the tables of leasing, bank loans;
  • conducting accounting with the help of the “Centas” accounting program;
    budgeting and control.

The accumulated extensive work experience in financial management, accounting organization, planning and control will allow you to offer the most optimal solution.


Price list for financial accounting services

If you choose the services provided by our company, you will pay the fee agreed by us. For the preparation of declarations, the preparation of financial statements for the reporting year, no additional fees arise.

Base plan

from 120 EUR/MONTH

Number of employees: up to 2

Documents per month: up to 10

Head financier’s consultations: 2 hours/month.

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Average plan

from 300 EUR/MONTH

Number of employees: 2-10

Documents per month: 11-100

Head financier’s consultations: 3 hours/month.

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Economic plan

from 500 EUR/MONTH

Number of employees: 11-50

Documents per month: 101-500

Head financier’s consultations: 4 hours/month

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We offer financial accounting services of highly qualified specialists in Kaunas.

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